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We are professional in making molds to perform plastics injection, anodized aluminum punching, as well as polyresin molding.

Combining the above production methods, we are reincarnating popular products existing on the markets, mainly including gifts items, daily merchandise and stationery.

This reincarnation is also a process of creations; we incorporate better functions to the items with artist effects.



The most useful technique-sculpting models:

We use this method basically to create new polyresin crafts items. It is very important that, these polyresin items can be finished products, or just prototypes for products to be made in other materials.

Polyresin molding is quick usually taking one week for designs of moderate sizes, and capable of reflecting all product details except for precision dimensions that can be acquired but after unpredictable quantity of adjustments. So designers can refer to the polyresin prototypes, to work out modifications needed before the design is finalized.

Therefore, sculptors work is the most important. A qualified piece should be just like what is portraited here!

We can produce wide range of gifts items in popular themes such as sports, festivals, culture to meet all occasions. We are adding more and more functions to our artist items. What we produce are of great functions also suitable as collection pieces.

Last Modified : 2019 - 09 - 05
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